Tour operators And Tour Providers

The main center for tourists within Leh is the Leh Tourist Office and also Tourist Reception Middle around two kilometers south of the city center. Then you will find travel agents like Overland Escape (specialists inside Adventure and Social tours, Wildlife watching and Community dependent tourism), Kailash Outings (specialists in Going in Indian Himalayas, Mountain Biking, Winter season Treks, Remote region tribal tours, Sombre brown safaris on Cotton Route, Holistic recovery, Meditations, Buddhist trips, Hotel booking along with conferences).

Other travel operators specializing in walking and other adventure simply River Rafting along with tour guides, Kayaking, Safaris, Yak Safaris, Ethnical Tours, Mountain Cycling, Cycling and Unique interest Tours consist of Ladakh Voyages, Energetic Adventure India, To the north India Tour Deals, Travel Himalayas, Check out Himalaya.

Some of the expedition operators and travel agencies and guides from their parts of India which also offer Ladakh Trip packages are Indian Tour Operators Marketing Council (provides home elevators top travel companies, hotel agents in addition to car rental service providers also it helps in developing plus promoting travel and even tourism in India), Holiday Packages India, Indian native Travel Tours, The indian subcontinent Adventure Travel, and so forth

Travel Agents and vacation operators have been a significant step towards development of Ladakh as a tourist hotspot. Once government opened up the area for travelers, these entrepreneurs noticed an opportunity to combine the actual dual benefits of building tourism in Ladakh. One, generation associated with income for the real estate agents, and second progress this remote area. The number of varied bundles offered by the tour operators often leave lots of people astonished. The vacationers are served having a plethora of choices, from trekking travels, monastery visits, journey tourism, Whitewater Trip, Mountain Climbing, Winter Sports such as skiing Mountaineering Trips to airline ticketing, deluxe and luxurious hotels and visitor house bookings, train reservations, cultural, traditions and educational tours